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The Spanish Civil War: Reaction, Revolution and Revenge

by Paul Preston - £10.99  HarperCollins (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780007232079 | ISBN 10: 0007232071

No modern war has inspired the idealism and horror of civilians, soldiers and scholars alike as much as the Spanish civil conflict of 1936-1939.
The Spanish Civil War is burned into our historical consciousness. It not only prefigured the Second World War that followed it, but introduced a new and brutally intense form of warfare that would come to define the twentieth century. Underlying the horrors of civil war, however, was a social idealism that echoed the aspirations of many in Europe and America following the grim years of the Depression. These were the ideals for which international volunteers would join Spanish Republicans to fight - and fall - against Franco.
In this full-blooded acocunt, published to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the outbreak of the Civil War, internationally acclaimed historian of Spain Paul Preston vividly captures the entire conflict - from individual tales of hardship to sweeping analysis of the international policy of 'non-intervention' which doomed Spain to the mercy of fascist powers. Preston's insightful and authoritative prose makes this the definitive account of this pivotal twentieth century conflict.

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