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Global Warning: The Last Chance For Change

by Paul Brown - £19.95  A & C Black Publishers Ltd (2006)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9780713682052 | ISBN 10: 0713682051

Scientists may still be discussing what caused the disappearance of the once-dominant dinosaurs, but there is no doubt amongst them what is causing the current round of extinctions. It is Mankind.
People have been cutting down forests and polluting water and land for centuries, but it is the burning of coal, oil and gas that has brought the planet to the brink of disaster. As ice melts, storms get more violent and deserts spread, our major cities face being overwhelmed by the elements.
The planet's current dominant species may have less than 10 years left to prevent global warming getting out of control. If we fail millions of lives will be wiped out before end of this century. World leaders have been warned repeatedly that time is running out. Most accept that there is a problem, and make fine speeches, but no economic power is doing enough to avert disaster.
Yet there is hope.
The technology, the know-how and the money exists to prevent this happening. All around the world new ideas and inventions are paving the way for solutions to the crisis. In Brazil more than half the cars run on ethanol, Denmark is one of the world leaders in harnessing wind energy, which brings 3 billion euros each year to their economy and, in Japan, the effort to combat dependance on oil has been continuing for over half a century.
Each one of us can play our part. We can switch off the lights, leave the car at home, vote with our wallets to pressurise companies and force governments to change. This book promotes understanding and insight into the issue of climate change and shows how all of us can help save our planet.

"This book is a clarion call to all"
(His Excellency Mr. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, President of the Republic of Maldives)
"This urgent and compelling book sets out the scale of the challenge and, crucially, what we can all do about it. It's a huge wake up call."
(Stephen Tindale, Executive Director, Greenpeace UK)

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