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Baghdad Burning: Volume 2

by Riverbend - £7.99  Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780714531335 | ISBN 10: 0714531332

'Suddenly, the house was filled with strange men, yelling out orders and stomping into rooms. It was chaotic. We could see flashing lights in the garden and lights coming from the hallways. I could hear Ammoo S. talking loudly outside telling them his wife and the "children" were the only ones in the house. What were they looking for? Was there something wrong?'
Volume 2 of the unfolding story of Riverbend's life in Baghdad takes us from October 2004 to the present day, when for the first time we hear she is considering abandoning the city as civil was becomes inevitable.
Anonymous 28-year old Riverbend shows us a candid vision of day-to-day life in Iraq, commenting on everything from kidnappings and midnight raids by US soldiers and the Iraqi Secret Service, to her view of the Oscars as a beauty parade of Western leaders.
As civil war in Iraq becomes a reality, Riverbend's memoir will become an important record of both the violence and fear, and the author's humour and resilience. Baghdad Burning Volume 1 was nominated for the 2006 Samuel Johnson Prize, the most prestigious prize in the UK for non-fiction.
Riverbend was educated at Baghdad University and worked for a large computer company in Baghdad before the war. She continues to update her journal, found at

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