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A Case to Answer: A First Report on the Potential Impeachment of the Prime Minister...

by Glen Rangwala & Dan Plesch - £5.00  Spokesman Books (2004)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780851247045 | ISBN 10: 0851247040

A report on the evidence against the Prime Minister for his potential impeachment for 'High Crimes & Misdemeanours' in relation to the invasion of Iraq. It sets out compelling evidence of deliberate repeated distortion, seriously misleading statements and culpable negligence on the part of the Prime Minister. This misconduct is in itself more than sufficient to require his resignation. Further to this, it has also destroyed the United Kingdom's reputation for honesty around the world; it has produced a war with no end in sight; it has damaged & discredited the intelligence services; it has undermined the constituion by weakening cabinet government to breaking point and it has made a mockery of the authority of parliament as representatives of the people. The core conclusion of this report is that the impeachment of the Prime Minister has a strong basis in fact and established precedent in parliamentary law. See the website:

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