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Whose Trade Organisation

by Lori Wallach & Patrick Woodall/Public Citizen - £17.99  The New Press (2004)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781565848412 | ISBN 10: 1565848411

Globalization affects our lives every day in myriad ways-often for the worse. Yet, as this eye-opening expose documents, the current terms of corporate-led globalization are not inevitable, merely one option being imposed by the powerful, secretive and profoundly undemocratic World Trade Organization. Here is the definitive guide to the WTO. It reveals which WTO policies have led to U.S. job losses, the race to the bottom in wages, unsafe food, attacks on environmental and health laws and burgeoning international inequality. Want to know why the WTO attracts passionate protests all over the world? Public Citizen advocates Wallach and Woodall carefully document the WTO's nine-year track record with riveting case-by-case accounts. And trade is the least of it: this book shows how the WTO chills government actions to fight sweatshops, make lifesaving drugs available and protect endangered species-and even limits our elected governments' ability to maintain policies on everything from meat inspection to media cencentration. 'Whose Trade Organization?' offers first steps toward a democratic, accountable alternative. It reminds us that change is not only necessary-it's possible

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