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Crunch Time: How Everyday Life Is Killing the Future

by Adrian Monck and Mike Hanley - £9.99  Icon Books (2007)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9781840468014 | ISBN 10: 1840468017

Crunch Time features two award-winning journalists arguing about the impact of our unthinking everyday actions on the future of our world.

Every age and every generation believes itís special, that itís on the cusp of something big. This time itís true Ė itís Crunch Time, and what we do now will make or break the future. The problem is that the things that we do every day Ė drive to work, buy toys for our kids, prepare our meals, have a cup of coffee Ė are conspiring to destroy it.

Terrorism, poverty, ecological meltdown, climate change, pandemics Ė this is the background noise we have all learnt to live with. But what if all these things could be laid at our own feet? What if our civilisation is structurally, tragically flawed? What if we are using up tomorrow today?

Our society is moving faster than ever, yet itís also increasingly fragile and filled with risk. In Crunch Time, journalists Adrian Monck and Mike Hanley argue passionately with each other about the causes of these issues and what we can do about them.

Believing that living in the 21st century means being answerable to the future, they help us to understand the critical decisions that we need to make now if we want to leave anything of value to future generations.

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