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What Do Muslims Believe?

by Ziauddin Sardar - £6.99  Granta Books (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781862078345 | ISBN 10: 1862078343

"The world is green and beautiful; and God has appointed you as His trustee over it."
(Propher Muhammad)
Islam is one of the great monotheistic religions of the world. Its teachings emphasize unity, humility, forgiveness, and love of God. The Qur'an sings the virtues of knowledge and rationality. The life of Muhammad demonstrates the importance of tolerance, social justice and brotherhood. In Sufism, Islam presents a mystical system based on love and devotion. So why is Islam often associated with hatred, violence, obstinacy and bigotry?
Ziauddin Sardar examines the true teachins of Islam and explores the reality of the Muslim world today. Emphasizing the diversity of Islam and its ideals, he assesses the role Islam plays in the lives of ordinary Muslims and shows how Islamic beliefs and practices help Muslims understand the modern world.

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