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The Violence of Normal Times: Essays on Women's Lived Realities

by Kalpana Kannabiran - £45.00  Women Unlimited (2007)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9788188965069 | ISBN 10: 8188965065

This volume attempts to look at the experience and articulation of violence against women in relation to feminist debates and organising on the issue, and the positive/ negative responses to that articulation, particularly from the standpoint of law and the institutional apparatuses of the State.
Its several essays focus on everyday settings: from justice dispensed by traditional authorities to modern courtrooms; domestic spaces; a home for mentally disabled women in Pune; a factory in Tamil Nadu. Moving from the routine to the extraordinary, the essays analyse the spectrum of violence against women that covers witch-hunting in adivasi communities; the structural adjustment programmes and economic violence; violence against sexual minorities; and against women of religious and ethnic minorities.
Read together, these essays expose the extent of systemic violence against women in India, a violence so routinised that everyday forms of it slide into the gross and macabre in a seamless continuum.

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