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Pakistan on the Brink: The Future of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the West

by Ahmed Rashid - £9.99  Penguin Books Ltd (2013)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780241960073 | ISBN 10: 024196007x

Ahmed Rashid, author of Descent Into Chaos and Taliban, charts the latest developments in the dangerous trajectory of one of the world's most strategically important, and volatile, countries - and the effects on its neighbours and us all.
What does the future hold for the world's most unstable region? With Bin Laden dead, Pakistan threatened by internal power struggles and the US and Britain beginning withdrawal from Afghanistan, there is no better guide the possibilities - and dangers - than Ahmed Rashid. In his follow-up to Descent Into Chaos, he examines the changing casts of characters in this story, the future of the Taliban and international terrorism, and the political manoeuvring both within Pakistan and Afghanistan and among Western allies, offering a way forward for all countries involved.
Ahmed Rashid is an expert on Central Asia, on jihad and Muslim extremists movements, on the Taliban and Al Qaeda, on insurgency, and on the catastrophe of US policy in this region, on which he has reported for twenty-five years. Author of three books, his work Taliban was a huge international bestseller, widely recognised as the definitive account. He has personally met and interviewed many of the key players in Central Asia. He writes regularly for the Financial Times, Washington Post and the International Herald Tribune, among others. Descent into Chaos was shortlisted for the Lionel Gelber Prize for non-fiction and won the Italian Tiziano Terzani prize.

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