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Baby Love: Choosing Motherhood After a Lifetime of Ambivalence

by Rebecca Walker - £15.00  Souvenir Press Ltd (2008)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9780285638204 | ISBN 10: 0285638203

After a lifetime of ambivalence and uncertainty about the role of motherhood in a woman's life, Rebecca Walker, hailed by Time Magazine as one of the most influential American leaders under forty, decided to have a baby.
Raised by her mother, the feminist novelist Alice Walker, as a member of a watershed generation of women who believe that no job or lifestyle is unattainable, for years Rebecca delayed pregancy for fear of being emotionally drained and intellectually stunted. She worried that caring for a baby might cause her to lose herself and be forced to sacrifice many of her professional achievements.
At thirty-four, Walker finds the right partner and decides to take the leap. Baby Love is the wise, provocative and engaging memoir of her journey through pregnancy and the birth of her child. It is also a book about motherhood for a new generation, as Walker discovers motherhood to be one of the single most meaningful experiences of her life.
Along the way, Rebecca Walker's story explores the wider sociological trends of her generation: the search for a suitable partner, the financial burdens of contemporary parenthood, the advances in reproductive technology and the demands of creating a family as a child of divorce.
After nine tumultous months Rebecca Walker emerges as more than a mother. She is a changed person, a woman who has discovered new certainties. Giving birth to her son involved a spiritual transformation from ambivalence to unconditional love.
Baby Love is a powerful and moving memoir by one of America's most important young writers about an issue every woman has to think about.

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