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Rush! The Making of a Climate Activist

by Tamsin Omond - £7.99  Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd (2009)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780714531465 | ISBN 10: 0714531464

When Tamsin Omond left university she had no idea that within a year she would be up on the roofs of Parliament, breaking the law for her beliefs about climate change. Rush! The Making of a Climate Activist is a candid account of her journey from carefree student to rebel with a cause.
Join Tamsin as she takes her first steps in the eco-utopia of Climate Camp, gets arrested with radical activists from Plane Stupid and launches Climate Rush, a Suffragette-inspired direct action group, with a thousand-strong rush at Parliament. Then read the DIY guide and get involved.
Rush! is one girl's response to the urgent reality of climate change and a call to arms for a nation ready to take politics back into its own hands. This is her story, make it yours!

"The climate crisis needs a response from across society if we are to get our governments to take the urgent action necessary to curb spiralling greenhouse gas emissions. This story about one woman's decision to be a part of the solution rather than the problem will hopefully inspire many others to similar levels of creativity, commitment and protest."
(Caroline Lucas - Green Party MEP)

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