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Your Right to Know: A Citizen's Guide to the Freedom of Information Act

by Heather Brooke - £21.99  Pluto Press (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780745325828 | ISBN 10: 0745325823

Have you ever wanted to know: Which doctor has the best operation success rate in your health trust? If MI5 has a file on you? The actual number and types of crimes that happen in your street? Which streets are targeted by parking attendants in your area? Which buildings have failed their fire-safety inspections? The public had no right to most of this information until now. The Freedom of Information Act came in force on 1 January 2005, giving the British public a legal right, for the first time, to access information from more than 100,000 public authorities. But in order to take advantage of this new right, you first have to know who holds the information and how to get it. This revised & updated edition of Your Right to Know gives you the tools you need to get the information you want. If you've ever wanted to force open the secretive doors of government, this is the guide you need. (There's a companion website at

'Heather Brooke pulls no punches when it comes to exposing how the government, public institutions and private companies keep the British public in the dark'
(Michael Crick, BBC journalist

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