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Billy Bragg: Still Suitable for Miners

by Andrew Collins - £9.99  Ebury Publishing (2018)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780753552711 | ISBN 10: 075355271x

He was a punk. He was a soldier. He was a flag-waver for both the Labour Party and the miners. He is Billy Bragg, best known as a passionate, protest folk singer and a tireless promoter of political and humanitarian causes all over the world.
His life encapsulates so much about his generation: born in the late '50s, passions forged by punk, politics shaped by Thatcherism, hope provided by the end of the Cold War and the birth of New Labour. He likes a laugh too, which is why he's so popular.
Billy Bragg remains to this day a much-loved songwriter and performer whose campaigning has now spanned three decades and shows no sign of relenting. Still Suitable for Miners is his official story, updated with his thoughts on the BNP's success in his hometown of Barking in May 2006 and debates on multiculturalism and Englishness, subjects increasingly close to Billy's heart.
This 20th anniversary edition has been updated to include the rise of Corbyn, the unfolding of Brexit, Billy's reclamation of skiffle and his overtures into Americana.

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