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Custom and Conflict in ‘The Land of the Gael’: Ballachulish, 1900-1910

by Neville Kirk - £15.95  Merlin Press (2007)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9780850365702 | ISBN 10: 0850365708

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Between 1902 and 1905 the Scottish community of Ballachulish, near Glencoe, was shaken to its foundations by protracted and bitter conflicts: a twelve month quarry lock-out and a dispute over the employment of Lachlan Grant, a doctor supported by the community.
Conflicts between the quarrymen, the local community and the Slate Quarry employers concerned issues of wages, working and living conditions, but were much wider and broader. They involved a spectrum of concerns, a sturdy fight for principles and ‘rights’, for influence over decisions affecting the welfare of neighbours, friends and co-workers.
Labour Leader, wrote of unique events: people living under conditions and traditions that usually foster instinctive deference to the powers that be, achieved recognition for a union of the ‘new’ type embracing all grades of quarrymen and Grant’s reinstatement.
Kirk unearths events that have barely figured in the published historical record and recreates the key features of the community and workplace. He explores their historical significance and the ways in which local actions and beliefs carry implications for the wider study of modern social protest movements. This study will appeal to readers with an interest in Social, Labour and Scottish history, and to students across the humanities and social sciences.

"Kirk’s meticulous study of previously neglected class conflict in the remote Scottish community of Ballachullish throws light on broader patterns of labour history,class relationships and the mobilization of social movements which will interest historians and social scientists alike "
(Mike Savage)

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