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Capital and Its Discontents: Conversations with Radical Thinkers in a Time of Tumult

by Sasha Lilley (Editor) - £14.95  The Merlin Press Ltd (2011)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780850366778 | ISBN 10: 0850366771

Capitalism is stumbling, the empire is faltering, and the planet is thawing.
Many people want to understand these multiple crises and to find a way forward to a just future. This book gets to the heart of the matter: the nature of capitalism and imperialism; capitalism's vulnerabilities at this conjuncture; and what we can we do to hasten its demise.
Through a series of incisive conversations with some of the most eminent thinkers and political economists on the Left - including David Harvey, Ellen Meiksins Wood, Mike Davis, Leo Panitch, Tariq Ali and Noam Chomsky - Capital and Its Discontents illuminates the dynamic contradictions undergirding capitalism and the potential for its dethroning.
This book challenges conventional wisdom on the Left about the nature of globalization, neo-liberalism and imperialism, as well as the agrarian question in the Global South. It probes the roots of the global economic meltdown, the role of debt and privatization in dampening social revolt and considers capitalism's dynamic ability to find ever new sources of accumulation-whether through imperial or ecological plunder or the commodification of previously unpaid female labour.
Contributors include:
Ellen Meiksins Wood; Leo Panitch; Doug Henwood; David Harvey; Gillian Hart; John Bellamy Foster; Tom Brass; Ursula Huws; David McNally; Richard Walker; Jason Moore; Vivek Chibber; Mike Davis; Tariq Ali; John Sanbonmatsu and Noam Chomsky.

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