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Enterprises That Change Lives

by Edgar Parnell - £11.94  Co-oppundit (2018)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781720898436 | ISBN 10: 172089843x

Millions of people worldwide are members of mutually-owned enterprises that can positively change their lives. Together they control their self-help enterprises (SHEs), such as co-operatives, credit unions, mutual insurers, building societies, friendly societies, community enterprises and many other types too. This distinctive form of enterprise helps members get a better deal by intervening in the market in their best interest while providing an organization that exists to serve members, their families and communities, and to help them build a better future. SHEs work for people with wildly differing needs; for example, marketing produce, supplying farming inputs, getting healthy food at fair prices, accessing financial services such as credit and savings, insurance and mortgages, providing decent housing, health and care services, maintaining shops, pubs and transport in their local area,, or by managing their workplaces. This book explains how, in the 21st century, SHEs must be run if they are to achieve their purpose and meet the real needs of their members. It specifies the model of enterprise required, set out the systems and the culture needed to ensure that they are to be wholly successful.

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