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Liverpool Dockers: History of Rebellion and Betrayal

by Mike Carden - £20.00  Carden Press (2022)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781739656300 | ISBN 10: 173965630x

In an inspirational struggle that began in September 1995 and lasted for two years and four months, 500 Liverpool dockers fought for their jobs after being sacked for refusing to cross a picket line. Liverpool Dockers: History of Rebellion and Betrayal charts the background to the dispute, the Liverpool dockers' epic struggle, and the legacy of their fight for justice.
Mike Carden worked on the Liverpool docks for 25 years and was a shop steward for most of that time. As one of the leaders of the sacked Liverpool Dockers, Mike made significant practical and political contributions to the dispute and to the international movement that put the dockers' struggle on the global stage.

"This history of Liverpool dock workers is, beyond a doubt, a book that all trade unionists and socialists should have on their bookshelves."
(Len McCluskey, UNITE General Secretary, 2010-2021)

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