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Can't Pay, Won't Pay: A Short History of the Anti-Poll Tax Struggle 1987-1993

by Chris Robinson - £10.00  Thinkwell Books (2023)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781739668143 | ISBN 10: 1739668146

“Drop a pebble in a pool and the waves spread. We can be that pebble” – Gladys Shaw
The 30th ANNIVERSARY of the demise of the POLL TAX makes you think about a lot of things.
Justice. Fairness. Civility. How elites often carve out a world fit for themselves, whilst steamrolling others.
There are ultimately people in society who don’t wish to share or care, but rather extract the maximum suffering from those already on the breadline; those simply doing their best.
CAN’T PAY, WON’T PAY is a timely examination of a rotten period in British politics – a period when decency and responsible government were flouted and replaced by the rallying cries of bounders, chancers and opportunists. Chris Robinson reveals who did what, together with the big political names, some of whom would rather forget their unconscionable involvement.
‘An incredibly important book. A microcosm of everything that was wrong with the poll tax’ Andrew Routledge
‘A compelling deconstruction of the turmoil that led to the most reviled tax in British history. From sweeping analysis of political upheaval to personal accounts of protests, Robinson’s taut prose charts the staggering short-sightedness of Thatcher’s government and the almighty backlash that ensued. A new benchmark in the study of our country’s greatest modern-day rebellion’ Ed Bingham, author of Broadlake (published 31 May 2023)

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