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Freddy the Superstar

by Neill Cameron - £6.99  David Fickling Books (2022)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781788452533 | ISBN 10: 1788452534

The third hilarious, fully illustrated novel from adored comics creator Neill Cameron. Freddy the Superstar follows the highs and lows of life as a robot with super-awesome powers.
Freddy's life is... mixed. He's a superpowered robot (YAY!) who also has to go to school (BOO!). When Freddy and his pals gets involved in the school science fair, his robot abilities mean he's suddenly the centre of attention! Which Freddy 100% loves. Will Freddy let this brush with fame go to his head? Of course he will! But that might not go down so well with his friends...
Cameron’s perceptive portrayals of friendship and tricky emotions that come with growing up are gorgeously balanced with masses of pure fun. At once light-hearted and insightful, bursting with delightful, silly jokes, Freddy the Superstar celebrates unity, diversity, stepping out of the spotlight to let others shine, and super-powered rocket boosters.
Recommended for readers aged 7+

(Price & availability last checked: July 2022)

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