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The Raven Sound

by Kit Derrick - £6.99  Dr Hypno Publications (2021)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781838426729 | ISBN 10: 1838426728

“Have you ever then woken up thirty years into your own past with a hazy memory that someone has just predicted your imminent death, but you don’t know why or how? It does have a tendency to sharpen the mind...”
Jack is sixty, scouse, irritable, and an alcoholic. Those are his better attributes. Forced to talk to an annoyingly over-friendly and odd stranger in the pub, he receives the very surprising and unwelcome prediction that he only has sixteen hours left to live. The next thing Jack knows, he’s waking up thirty years into his own past, and doesn’t know why. This is definitely going to be a night to remember.
The Raven Sound is the story of a Jack’s journey into the Worlds of 1994 and 1964, as he tries to discover the mysterious reason he seems to have been sent back in time, and to make a change which could be a matter of life and death for those he once cared about. And there’s no guarantee he will survive the experience himself.

(Price & availability last checked: March 2022)

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