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Fantasy Island: Waking Up to the Incredible Economic, Political & Social Illusions of Blair

by Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson - £7.99  Constable and Robinson (2007)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781845296056 | ISBN 10: 1845296052

The alarm is ringing - time to wake up! 
We have been sold the line that limitless growth can co-exist with envionmental protection, that the over-borrowed and abundantly staffed state machine is being courageously pruned even as its payroll rises and that a just-around-the-corner radiant future will see us all working in the 'creative economy'.
Welcome to Fantasy Island.
Fantasizing about our ability to run up debts, to enjoy high-paid employment for which we are not qualified, to project military power we no longer possess, we yet assume an economic and political position superior to the rest of the world: we live in cloud-cuckoo land.
Blair leaves behind him a seedy dreamworld mired in debt, drifting into a crisis of unemployment with a diplomatic and military role it cannot afford. On the economy, education, defence, foreign relations and the environment, we are at a fork in the road. This book looks at where it may lead, and rejects the illusion of the Blair project that there ever was a 'Third Way'.

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