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Diamond Dove

by Adrian Hyland - £7.99  Quercus Publishing (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781847243775 | ISBN 10: 1847243770

"...a wonderfully original setting for a thriller... a brilliant portriat of different cultures attempting to coexist in a climate of ignorance, taboos, racism and greed. Emily's investigations take her to the heart of the conflict and lead to a denoument as impressive for its elegance as for its tension."
The Central Australian Outback.
Shortly after returning to Moonlight Downs, the Aboriginal community of her childhood, Emily Tempest's mentor, and father of her closest friend, is savagely killed. Blame immediately falls upon the community's violent renegade, Blakie, when he evades arrest and disappears.
Only gradually does Emily come to believe that there is more to her old friend's death than anyone else is prepared to consider. Determined to uncover the truth, Emily applies her traditional insights and university education to set upon a course of action that will place her, and possibly her friends and family, in mortal danger.

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