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Things I Wish I'd Known: Women Tell the Truth About Motherhood

by Victoria Young (Editor) - £10.00  Icon Books Ltd (2015)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9781848318366 | ISBN 10: 1848318367

Look at the front cover of any parenting book and what do you see? Glowing mothers-to-be, or pristine, beautifully-behaved children. But the reality is, your pregnancy might be a sweaty, moody rollercoaster, and your children will almost certainly spend the first few years of their lives covered in both food and bodily fluids. And the experience is no less magical for it.

In this no holds barred collection of essays, prominent women authors, journalists and TV personalities explore the truth about becoming mothers. Covering topics from labour to the breastapo, twins to IVF, weaning to post-birth sex, and with writers including Cathy Kelly, Adele Parks, Kathy Lette and Lucy Porter (and many more) Things I Wish Id Known is a reassuring, moving and often hilarious collection that will speak to mothers everywhere.

Victoria Young, Justine Roberts, Adele Parks, Kathy Lette, Cathy Kelly, Bryony Gordon, Jenny Colgan, Christina Hopkinson, Anne Marie Scanlon, Emma Freud, Tiffanie Darke, Anna Moore, Esther Walker, Rachel Johnson, Lucy Porter, Asfaneh Knight, Clover Stroud, Nicci Gerard, Daisy Garnett, Alix Walker, Shobna Gulati

(Price & availability last checked: March 2015)

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