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Jasmine's War

by Daniel Hyland - £9.99  The Merlin Press Ltd (Green Print) (2014)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781854251077 | ISBN 10: 1854251074

From the shadows between colossal trees the dawn mist drifted across the trail. A girl was running hard, a basket of washed laundry on her head, hands struggling to keep it there. She'd have to ditch the basket if she was serious about putting distance between her and her pursuers, but she pictured her mother, hands on hips, enquiring after the whereabouts of what was almost their entire wardrobe. Breathless, she looked behind. She could see nothing and now the path, too, faded beneath the mist. She ran on, instinctively picking out the way ahead.
A male voice barked somewhere behind her and seconds later, three short bursts of automatic rifle fire thudded in quick succession. The soldiers must have seen or heard her and followed her back into the forest.

Jasmine Gavidia witnesses an El Salvador army killing. People around her want her dead. She has to sort friend from foe. This is a story of a fourteen year old girl growing up fast after the massacre at El Zacate, (El Mozote) and finding a new life. A fast paced adventure, with explosive action, and refreshing honesty.

(Price & availability last checked: March 2014)

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