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Women Voice Men: Gender in European Culture

by Maya Slater (editor) - £16.00  Intellect Books (1997)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781871516937 | ISBN 10: 1871516935

A selection of lively, scholarly pieces that presents a view of men given by women. Some of the contributors write directly about men and how men see women; others view men at a distance, as a woman looking at men through the eyes of a female writer, or even through the eyes of female characters in female writing.
Discussing British and European literatures, culture, and film, these essays make an entertaining and coherent read. There is a considered balance given between approaches to male/female conflict, some with a defensive attitude to women and others with a more detached, uninvolved impartial view.The articles presented include a sociologist offering her international specialist knowledge on divorce, a psychoanalyst discussing the problems of a female analyst faced with male patients, and an historian from the Sorbonne viewing aspects of 19th-century male attitudes in Britain from the French perspective. The contributors are all internationally known in their fields, giving the book an appeal far beyond the boundaries of Europe.

  • Men in early nineteenth-century women's writing
  • Jane Austen's conversations
  • Nathalie Saurraute: 'Neither man nor woman nor dog nor cat'
  • Dennis the menace? Hegemonic masculinity in The Singing Detective
  • Revisiting Chesterfield: gender and courtesy in the eighteenth century
  • Man, Proud Man? Women's views of men between the wars
  • Evelyn Waugh's suspenders
  • Gide: the niece's seduction
  • Domesticating the detective
  • Marcel Proust and the unlovable narrator
  • Where do babies really come from?
  • Men, Women and the Law

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