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The Folded Man

by Matt Hill - £8.99  Sandstone Press Ltd (2013)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781908737342 | ISBN 10: 1908737344

In 2018, Manchester is a rotten city propped up by a few bad men. After the cuts, the toppling of its flagship tower, the riots and the terror, the promise of a prosperous North is gone. The first industrial city is dying – its people left to fend for themselves. With the rise of nationalism, it’s only getting worse. Now, the only currency is trust and Brian Meredith – addict, depressive, wheelchair-bound – has new trouble with old problems.
It doesn’t help that Brian is a mermaid – or at least thinks he is. Born with sirenomelia to Jehovah’s Witnesses, his legs are fused from thigh to foot. He was never operated on. His mother brought him up as a myth – hiding the truth, or otherwise helping him to repress it. And in this decaying city, where grey morals match grey skies, Brian’s condition is something both friends and enemies will use. The Folded Man is a remarkable literary debut with an utterly unforgettable central character who will live long in the memory. Sitting somewhere between literary fiction, crime and sci-fi, it’s an exhilarating, challenging and wildly daring debut novel that addresses the fears of now through an idea of tomorrow
Sandstone Press is proud to introduce this brilliant young novelist and his first book, a dystopian satire in the tradition of Swift and Orwell but very much of the 21st century and a country with serious choices before it. The Folded Man was given second place in the fiercely competitive Dundee International Book Prize by judges Stephen Fry and Philip Pullman.

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