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Motherhood In and After Prison: The Impact of Maternal Incarceration

by Lucy Baldwin - £25.00  Waterside Press (2022)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781914603204 | ISBN 10: 1914603206

Motherhood In and After Prison focuses on how imprisonment impacts incarcerated mothers’ maternal identity, emotions and role. It explores both the short and longer-term consequences of sending mothers to prison. It reveals the devastating and often underestimated impact of maternal imprisonment on mothers themselves, on their children, and on their families and their place in society.
Based on special access to mothers and grandmothers who were either still in prison or contributing post-release, this new book will be of considerable interest to policymakers, educators, practitioners, researchers, feminists and women’s support groups. It follows the author’s acclaimed Mothering Justice. It contains imprisoned mothers’ thoughts gained via first-hand interviews and letters. The book concludes with recommendations for positive change and improved, informed responses to criminalised and imprisoned mothers, relating to their lives before prison, in prison, and after prison — including when ‘renegotiating’ motherhood in the ‘doubly/triply/quadruply deviant’ context of a convicted mother.
Packed with information, data, analysis and the women’s own words the book will be of great interest to both a national and international audience. Based on first-hand accounts by imprisoned mothers/grandmothers of their incarceration. Deeply probes their multi-layered challenges. A feminist, matricentric tour de force. With extensive new findings and recommendations.

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