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Lonesome Bog and Little Dog

by Iona Tulloch & Harry Woodgate - £6.99  Little Forest Publishing (2018)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781999992101 | ISBN 10: 1999992105

Do you love wildlife, dogs and peaty brown places to play? If so, you’ll adore Lonesome Bog and Little Dog, an enchanting story by Iona Tulloch and award-winning illustrator Harry Woodgate.
Little Dog and Lonesome Bog are misfits in the world – one is “too messy” and the other is “too scruffy”. But when Little Dog becomes an unexpected member of Lonesome Bog’s Collection of Things, the loners forge an unlikely friendship.
“At night, Lonesome Bog sang Little Dog lullabies to help him sleep and shushed him when he had bad dreams about neighbourhood dogs. She even said Little Dog could keep her favourite boot forever.”
Little Dog discovers the extraordinary Collection of Life within Lonesome Bog and persuades the other dogs – and their people – to see for themselves.
Little Dog is finally seen for who he is – brave, friendly and loyal – and Lonesome Bog's extraordinary Collection of Life is appreciated by all.
Magnificently illustrated, Lonesome Bog and Little Dog celebrates misfits, both wild and domestic, while exploring the hidden beauty and fragility of peat bogs.

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