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Ordering CDs, Posters, Cards etc - News From Nowhere Radical & Community Bookshop, Liverpool
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At present we only list books on this website, and online ordering via our other website is also only for books

However, in our shop we also stock:

  • newspapers & magazines (political, environmental, lesbian & gay, feminist, arts & culture)
  • world/roots/folk music on CD
  • meditation/relaxation music on CD
  • a small range of DVDs (mainly lesbian & gay films and political drama & documentaries)
  • postcards & greetings cards
  • badges, posters, bookmarks, mugs, & various gift items
  • a small range of fair trade gifts & crafts
  • second-hand & bargain books

We don't plan to add any of these to our website anytime soon, sorry. It would be more work than we can manage at this time to add them to the website and keep the information accurate and up to date, and for most of these items it will never be practical to do so.

You are always welcome to ask us about non-book products that we stock or may be able to order, and we will do our best to deal with your enquiry, but please be aware that:

  • non-book orders are much more time-consuming to deal with than book orders
  • they may also take longer to supply (for most non-book products suppliers have a minimum order requirement so we cannot order a single item on its own; we can't send the order until we are ready to do a bulk order for stock.)
  • we probably won't be able to give you an exact price on items that will need to be ordered (pricing depends on what the supplier's wholesale/trade price to us - whereas with books we almost always can tell you the price you will pay because publishers set recommended retail prices on their books and work out their trade price based on that rrp ).
  • we have a limited range of suppliers for non-book products, and limited ways of searching for particular items - this means we are not the best place to enquire with about these products (for example, if you are looking for a particular DVD, you would be better searching for it at a website that specialises in selling DVDs - e.g. hmv.com, play.com and so on - because if they do not have it it we are almost certainly not going to be able to get it.)

World/roots/folk music CDs are our second biggest area of stock (after books), so we especially welcome enquiries for these.

We DO NOT take mail-orders for newspapers and magazines - if you want to regularly get issues of a particular paper or magazine you should set up a subscription directly with that publication. Most will have a website where you can find out how to do this and contact them. Also, please note we will only have the most recent issue of any magazine/paper in stock and we cannot obtain a particular issue of a magazine/paper for you. Again, enquire direct with the publication - most will be able to supply you with back issues if they have copies left.