Booklist - Black Women

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She Called Me Woman: Nigeria's Queer Women Speak by Azeenarh Mohammed, Chitra Nagarajan and Rafeeat Aliyu (Editors), £12.99 (paperback, 2018) ISBN 9781911115595

Well-Read Black Girl: Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves by Glory Edim, £16.99 (hardback, 2018) ISBN 9780525619772

Grace Jones A to Z: The life of an icon – from Androgyny to Zula by Babeth Lafon and Steve Wide, £12.99 (hardback, 2018) ISBN 9781925418804

This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare by Gabourey Sidibe, £7.99 (paperback, 2018) ISBN 9781784708443

Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible by Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené, £16.99 (hardback, 2018) ISBN 9780008235628

Black Girls Rock! Owning Our Magic. Rocking Our Truth. by Beverly Bond (Editor), £20.00 (hardback, 2018) ISBN 9781501157929

This Will Be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, & Feminist in (White) America by Morgan Jerkins, £10.99 (paperback, 2018) ISBN 9780062666154

Aphro-Ism: Essays on Pop Culture, Feminism, and Black Veganism from Two Sisters by Aph Ko and Syl Ko, £17.99 (paperback, 2018) ISBN 9781590565551

A Beautiful Work In Progress by Mirna Valerio, £8.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9781503943391

Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color by Andrea J. Ritchie, £17.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9780807088982

The Portable Nineteenth-Century African American Women Writers by Various writers, edited by Hollis Robbins and Henry Louis Gates, £16.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9780143105992

What Happened, Miss Simone? by Alan Light, £9.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9781782118749

Hidden Figures: The Untold Story of the African American Women Who Helped Win the Space Race by Margot Lee Shetterly, £8.99 (paperback, 2016) ISBN 9780008201326

Color of Violence: The INCITE! Anthology by INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, £20.99 (paperback, 2016) ISBN 9780822362951

I'll Never Write My Memoirs by Grace Jones, £20.00 (hardback, 2015) ISBN 9781471135217

Letters to a Young Generation 2: 17 Inspirational Letters to the Next Generation of Women by Amanda Wilson, £6.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9780957136762

My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me: A Black Woman Discovers Her Family's Nazi Past by Jennifer Teege and Nikola Sellmair, £8.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9781473616257

Toward an Intellectual History of Black Women by Mia E. Bay, Farah J. Griffin, Martha S. Jones, and Barbara D. Savage (Editors), £24.50 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9781469620916

Unbought and Unbossed: Transgressive Black Women, Sexuality, and Representation by Trimiko Melancon, £18.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9781439911464

The Light of Truth by Ida Wells, £9.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9780143106821

A Passion for Freedom: My Life by Mamphela Ramphele, £12.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9781784530426

A Parallel Life by Bonnie Greer, £14.99 (hardback, 2014) ISBN 9781909807624

Eslanda: The Large and Unconventional Life of Mrs. Paul Robeson by Barbara Ransby, £16.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9780300205855

Spirit Rising: My Life, My Music by Angélique Kidjo, with Rachel Wenrick, £20.00 (hardback, 2014) ISBN 9780062071798

Fierce Angels: Living with a Legacy from the Sacred Dark Feminine to the Strong Black Woman by Sheri Parks, £15.99 (paperback, 2013) ISBN 9781613745045

What Are You Doing Here? A Black Woman's Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal by Laina Dawes, £12.99 (paperback, 2013) ISBN 9781935950059

The Dance Claimed Me: A Biography of Pearl Primus by Peggy and Murray Schwartz, £15.00 (paperback, 2012) ISBN 9780300187939

Claudia Jones: Beyond Containment by Carole Boyce Davies (Editor), £16.99 (paperback, 2010) ISBN 9780956240163

Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society by A. Breeze Harper (Editor), with an Afterword by Pattrice Jones, £22.00 (paperback, 2010) ISBN 9781590561454

A Long Way From Paradise: Surviving the Rwandan Genocide by Leah Chishugi, £13.99 (paperback, 2010) ISBN 9781844086573

Constructing Incest Stories: Black Women's Voices in Fact and Fiction by Dorothy L. Hurley and E. Anthony Hurley, £21.99 (paperback, 2009) ISBN 1592217117

Tears of the Desert: One Woman's True Story of Surviving the Horrors of Darfur by Halima Bashir and Damien Lewis, £12.99 (paperback, 2009) ISBN 9780340963579

Left of Karl Marx: The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones by Carole Boyce Davies, £22.99 (paperback, 2008) ISBN 9780822341161

Black Women for Beginners by S. Pearl Sharp, £11.99 (paperback, 2007) ISBN 9781934389201

In Search of Our Mother's Gardens by Alice Walker, £8.99 (paperback, 2005) ISBN 9780753819609

In Praise of Black Women - Volume 1: Ancient African Queens by Simone Schwarz-Bart, £57.95 (hardback, 2001) ISBN 9780299172503

But Some of Us Are Brave: Black Women's Studies by Gloria T. Hull et al (editors), £20.99 (paperback, 1982) ISBN 9780912670959