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Neon Leon by Jane Clarke, illustrated by Britta Teckentrup, £6.99 (paperback, 2018) ISBN 9780857638076

A Busy Day for Birds (Board Book) by Lucy Cousins, £6.99 (hardback, 2018) ISBN 9781406378047

The Forest Folk (Board Book) by Madeleine Rogers, £4.99 (hardback, 2017) ISBN 9781908985859

A World Full of Animal Stories: 50 Favourite Animal Folk Tales, Myths and Legends by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Aitch, £12.99 (hardback, 2017) ISBN 9781786030443

The White Fox by Jackie Morris, £7.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9781781127391

Love Matters Most by Mij Kelly, illustrated by Gerry Turley, £6.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9781444923568

Parrots Don't Live in the City! by Lucy Reynolds, illustrated by Jenna Herman, £7.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9781999770402

You are Stardust: Our Amazing Connections With Planet Earth by Elin Kelsey, illustrated by Soyeon Kim, £7.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9781526360342

Tidy by Emily Gravett, £6.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9781447273998

All the Wild Wonders by Wendy Cooling, illustrated by Piet Grobler, £6.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9781847809940

Dr. Potts, My Pets Have Spots! by Rod Hull, illustrated by Miriam Latimer, £6.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9781782853244

Some Birds by Matt Spink, £6.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9781910200933

Nature Book: Read, Make and Create by Clare Beaton, £6.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9781911509004

The White Hare by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Anastasia Izlesou, £8.99 (hardback, 2016) ISBN 9781910862483

Bunny Island by Pippa Kennard and Yukihiro Fukuda, £3.95 (paperback, 2016) ISBN 9781770856578

The Bear by Raymond Briggs, £7.99 (paperback, 2016) ISBN 9780141374079

Sloth Slept On by Frann Preston-Gannon, £6.99 (paperback, 2016) ISBN 9781843653042

The Tree by Neal Layton, £11.99 (hardback, 2016) ISBN 9781406358216

The Barefoot Book of Earth Poems by Judith Nicholls, illustrated by Beth Krommes, £6.99 (paperback, 2016) ISBN 9781782852780

Dear Greenpeace by Simon James, £6.99 (paperback, 2016) ISBN 9781406367409

Wild Adventures by Brita Granström and Mick Manning, £7.99 (paperback, 2016) ISBN 9781847807540

Amazing Animal Journeys by Chris Packham, illustrated by Jason Cockroft, £6.99 (paperback, 2016) ISBN 9781405283380

A Tale of Two Beasts by Fiona Roberton, £6.99 (paperback, 2016) ISBN 9781444916737

Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go by Patricia Hegarty, illustrated by Britta Teckentrup, £6.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9781848691810

First Animal Encyclopedia by Dorling Kindersley, £8.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9780241188729

Man Gave Names to All the Animals by Bob Dylan, illustrated by Jim Arnosky, £5.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9781454915768

Axel Scheffler's Flip Flap Jungle by Axel Scheffler, £7.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9780857634108

Animalium Activity Book by Katie Scott, £8.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9781783703432

Some Swell Pup: Or Are You Sure You Want a Dog? by Maurice Sendak, £7.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9781849419611

Nature Ranger by Richard Walker, £6.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9780241185407

Seb and Hamish by Jude Daly, illustrated by Niki Daly, £6.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9781847806024

The Gruffalo Spring Nature Trail by Julia Donaldson, £4.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9781447282518

Paws and Whiskers by Jacqueline Wilson (Editor), £6.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9780552570862

Spot the Snail in the Garden by Stella Maidment, illustrated by Joelle Dreidemy, and Emiliano Migliardo, £4.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9781781716564

Scarlet Ibis by Gill Lewis, £6.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9780192793560

A First Book of Nature by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Mark Hearld, £12.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9781406349160

Seeds of Hope Bereavement and Loss Activity Book by Caroline Jay, illustrated by Unity-Joy Dale, £14.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9781849055468

One to Ten... Animal Mayhem by Thomas Flintham, £6.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9781407139364

Clare Beaton's Animal Rhymes by Clare Beaton, £4.99 (hardback, 2014) ISBN 9781782850809

Animalium by Jenny Broom, £20.00 (hardback, 2014) ISBN 9781783700608

Sparky! by Jenny Offill, illustrated by Chris Appelhans, £6.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9781444014877

The Beasts of Clawstone Castle by Eva Ibbotson, £5.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9781447265634

I am Cat by Jackie Morris, £6.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9781847805232

Quentin Blake's Amazing Animal Stories by John Yeoman, illustrated by Quentin Blake, £9.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9781843652953

The Ice Bear (Mini Edition) by Jackie Morris, £4.99 (hardback, 2014) ISBN 9781847805485

Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl, £7.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9780141348827

The Wild City Book: Fun Things to do Outdoors in Towns and Cities by Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks, £9.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9780711234888

The Ice Bear by Jackie Morris, £6.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9781847804570

Moon Bear by Gill Lewis, illustrated by Mark Owen, £6.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9780192793546

The Storm Whale by Benji Davies, £6.99 (paperback, 2013) ISBN 9781471115684

Song of the Golden Hare by Jackie Morris, £12.99 (hardback, 2013) ISBN 9781847804501

My First Book of Words: 100 First Animals by Little Tiger Press, £7.99 (hardback, 2013) ISBN 9781848956322

The Elephant Road by Nicola Davies, illustrated By Annabel Wright, £4.99 (paperback, 2013) ISBN 9781406340877

The Journey Home by Frann Preston-Gannon, £5.99 (paperback, 2012) ISBN 9781843652090

My Big Cats Journal: In Search of Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs and Tigers by Steve Bloom, £7.95 (hardback, 2012) ISBN 9780500650028

Usborne First Picture Animals by Felicity Brooks, illustrated by Jo Litchfield, £4.99 (hardback, 2012) ISBN 9781409540465

Nature Adventures by Mick Manning and Brita Granström, £7.99 (paperback, 2012) ISBN 9781847803269

Peely Wally by Kali Stileman, £5.99 (paperback, 2011) ISBN 9781849410823

A Guide to Stuff You Find on the Beach: Shells, Seaweeds and Pebbles of East Anglia by Amy Winterbottom, edited by Sally Francis, £5.00 (paperback, 2010) ISBN 0955046688

The Living Rain Forest: An Animal Alphabet by Paul Kratter, £5.99 (paperback, 2010) ISBN 9781580893930

Little Panda by Giovanni Caviezel, illustrated by L. Rigo, £4.99 (hardback, 2010) ISBN 9780764163395

Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo, £6.99 (paperback, 2010) ISBN 9780007267026

Brian Wildsmith's Animal Gallery by Brian Wildsmith, £6.99 (paperback, 2010) ISBN 9780192727947

Face to Face with Dolphins by Flip Nicklin, £4.99 (paperback, 2010) ISBN 9781426305498

Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech, £4.99 (paperback, 2009) ISBN 9780747599807

The Girl with the Bird's-Nest Hair by Sarah Dyer, £5.99 (paperback, 2009) ISBN 9780747599982

Laughing Giraffe by Mwenye Hadithi and Adrienne Kennaway, £5.99 (paperback, 2009) ISBN 9780340945209

Octopus Socktopus by Nick Sharrat, £6.99 (paperback, 2009) ISBN 9781407107318

Akimbo and the Baboons by Alexander McCall Smith, £4.99 (paperback, 2009) ISBN 9780747594581

RSPB Nature Guide: Year-round activities for the whole family by Mike Unwin, £8.99 (paperback, 2009) ISBN 9781408105146

The Wild Woods: Jess and Grandad's Woodland Adventure by Simon James, £5.99 (paperback, 2008) ISBN 9781406308457

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, illustrated by Henry Cole, £7.99 (paperback, 2007) ISBN 9781847381484

Songbird Story by Michael Rosen and Jill Dow, £6.99 (paperback, 2007) ISBN 9781845077136

This is the Oasis by Miriam Moss and Adrienne Kennaway, £5.99 (paperback, 2007) ISBN 9781845075729

The Vanishing Rainforest by Richard Platt and Rupert van Wyk, £5.99 (paperback, 2007) ISBN 9780711221703

We Honestly Can Look After Your Dog by Lauren Child, £8.99 (paperback, 2006) ISBN 9780141500522

Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French, illustrated by Bruce Whatley, £5.99 (paperback, 2006) ISBN 9780007212071

DK Encyclopedia of Animals by Jayne Parsons, £14.99 (paperback, 2006) ISBN 9781405315609

Lionboy by Zizou Corder, £7.99 (paperback, 2004) ISBN 0141317264

Aaaarrgghh, Spider! by Lydia Monks, £4.99 (paperback, 2004) ISBN 1405210443

Goodbye Mog by Judith Kerr, £5.99 (paperback, 2003) ISBN 9780007149698

Seriously Silly: Ecowolf and the Three Pigs by Laurence Anholt and Arthur Robins, £3.99 (paperback, 2002) ISBN 1841213942

Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin & Betsy Lewin, £4.99 (paperback, 2002) ISBN 0743461517

Wombat Goes Walkabout by Michael Morpurgo, illustrated by Christian Birmingham, £5.99 (paperback, 2000) ISBN 9780006646273

Zoo in the Sky: A Book of Animal Constellations by Jacqueline Mitton & Christina Balit, £5.99 (paperback, 1999) ISBN 0711213194

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, £5.99 (paperback, 1997) ISBN 014055713x

The Whales’ Song by Dyan Sheldon and Gary Blythe, £5.99 (paperback, 1993) ISBN 9780099737605

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky by Chief Seattle - with paintings by Susan Jeffers, £5.99 (paperback, 1993) ISBN 014054514x