Booklist - Banks, Bankers and Money

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The Finance Curse: How Global Finance is Making Us All Poorer by Nicholas Shaxson, £20.00 (hardback, 2018) ISBN 9781847925381

The Production of Money: How to Break the Power of Bankers by Ann Pettifor, £8.99 (paperback, 2018) ISBN 9781786631350

The Panama Papers: Breaking the Story of How the Rich and Powerful Hide Their Money by Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier, £9.99 (paperback, 2017) ISBN 9781786070708

The Panama Papers: Breaking the Story of How the Rich and Powerful Hide Their Money by Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier, £12.99 (paperback, 2016) ISBN 9781786070470

How to Speak Money by John Lanchester, £9.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9780571309849

Swimming with Sharks: My Journey into the World of the Bankers by Joris Luyendijk, £12.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9781783350643

Syriza: Inside the Labyrinth by Kevin Ovenden, £12.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9780745336862

The Money Crisis: How Bankers Grabbed Our Money - and How We Can Get it Back by Peter Stalker, £7.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9781780262413

A Theft / My Conman by Hanif Kureishi, £4.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9780571323197

Turning Money into Rebellion: The Unlikely Story of Denmark's Revolutionary Bank Robbers by Gabriel Kuhn, £14.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9781604863161

Profiting without Producing: How Finance Exploits Us All by Costas Lapavitsas, £20.00 (paperback, 2013) ISBN 9781781681411

What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets by Michael Sandel, £9.99 (paperback, 2013) ISBN 9780241954485

The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money by Brett Scott, £12.99 (paperback, 2013) ISBN 9780745333502

The Moneyless Manifesto: Live Well, Live Rich, Live Free by Mark Boyle, £14.99 (paperback, 2012) ISBN 9781856231015

Vultures' Picnic by Greg Palast, £9.99 (paperback, 2012) ISBN 9781780336510

Future Money: Breakdown or Breakthrough? by James Robertson, £14.95 (paperback, 2012) ISBN 9781900322980

The Problem with Banks by Lena Rethel and Timothy J. Sinclair, £12.99 (paperback, 2012) ISBN 9781848139381

The Debt Generation by David Malone, £9.99 (paperback, 2011) ISBN 9780956690203

The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living by Mark Boyle, £8.99 (paperback, 2011) ISBN 9781851687879

The Feckin' Book of Bankers, Builders, Blaggers and Bowsies That Banjaxed the Nation by Colin Murphy and Donal O'Dea, £5.99 (hardback, 2010) ISBN 9781847172419

Fool's Gold: How Unrestrained Greed Corrupted a Dream, Shattered Global Markets... by Gillian Tett, £10.99 (paperback, 2010) ISBN 9780349121895

Money and Soul: The Psychology of Money and the Transformation of Captialism by Per Espen Stoknes, £12.95 (paperback, 2009) ISBN 9781900322461