Booklist - Against Vivisection & Animal Experiments

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Empty Cages: Facing the Challenge of Animal Rights by Tom Regan, £17.95 (paperback, 2005) ISBN 0742549933

Specious Science: Why Experiments on Animals Harm Humans by C Ray Greek and Jean Swingle Greek, £23.99 (paperback, 2003) ISBN 0826415385

Vivisection or Science? An Investigation into Testing Drugs and Safeguarding Health by Pietro Croce, £17.99 (paperback, 1999) ISBN 185649733x

Vivisection Unveiled: An expose of the medical futility of animal experimentation by Dr Tony Page, £6.99 (paperback, 1997) ISBN 1897766319

Caught in the Act: the Feldberg Investigation by Melody MacDonald, £4.99 (paperback, 1994) ISBN 189776605x