Booklist - Directors, Screenwriters and Playwrights

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Tastes of Honey: The Making of Shelagh Delaney and a Cultural Revolution by Selina Todd, £18.99 (hardback, 2019) ISBN 9781784740825

Augusto Boal by Frances Babbage, £19.99 (paperback, 2018) ISBN 9781138592018

The Blue Touch Paper: A Memoir by David Hare, £9.99 (paperback, 2016) ISBN 9780571294343

Gilliamesque: A Pre-Posthumous Memoir by Terry Gilliam, £14.99 (paperback, 2016) ISBN 9781782111085

Love Poems by Bertolt Brecht, translated by David Constantine and Tom Kuhn, £11.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9781631491115

Ten Arab Filmmakers: Political Dissent and Social Critique by Josef Gugler (Editor), £20.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9780253016522

Charlie Chaplin by Peter Ackroyd, £7.99 (paperback, 2015) ISBN 9780099287568

Celluloid Ceiling: Women Film Directors Breaking Through by Gabrielle Kelly and Cheryl Robson (Editors), £15.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9780956632906

Joan Littlewood: Dreams and Realities: The Official Biography by Peter Rankin, £14.99 (paperback, 2014) ISBN 9781783190843

Jim Henson: The Biography by Brian Jay Jones, £14.99 (paperback, 2013) ISBN 9780753555149

Mid-Term Report by Phil Redmond, £9.99 (paperback, 2013) ISBN 9780099569169

Danny Boyle: Creating Wonder by Amy Raphael, £12.99 (paperback, 2013) ISBN 9780571301867

How I Escaped My Certain Fate by Stewart Lee, £9.99 (paperback, 2011) ISBN 9780571254811

My Life in Pieces: An Alternative Autobiography by Simon Callow, £14.99 (paperback, 2011) ISBN 9781848421714

The Reluctant Escapologist by Mike Bradwell, with a Foreword by Mike Leigh, £14.99 (paperback, 2010) ISBN 9781854595386

The Empty Space by Peter Brook, £9.99 (paperback, 2008) ISBN 9780141189222

X-Films: True Confessions of a Radical Filmmaker by Alex Cox, £19.99 (hardback, 2008) ISBN 9781845115661

Shakespeare by Bill Bryson, £8.99 (paperback, 2008) ISBN 9780007197903

Memoirs by Tennessee Williams, £12.99 (paperback, 2007) ISBN 9780141189291

The Worst it Can be is a Disaster: The Life Story of Braham Murray and the Royal Exchange Theatre by Braham Murray, £25.99 (paperback, 2007) ISBN 9780713684902

The View From Here: Conversations with Gay and Lesbian Filmmakers by Matthew Hays, £19.99 (paperback, 2007) ISBN 1551522209

Harold Pinter by Michael Billington, £14.99 (paperback, 2007) ISBN 9780571234769

Theatre Workshop: Joan Littlewood and the Making of Modern British Theatre by Robert Leach, £22.00 (paperback, 2006) ISBN 9780859897600

National Service: Diary of a Decade at the National Theatre by Richard Eyre, £8.99 (paperback, 2004) ISBN 0747565902

Hamlet and the Baker's Son: My Life in Theatre and Politics by Augusto Boal, £30.99 (paperback, 2001) ISBN 0415229898

In Contact with the Gods? Directors Talk Theatre by Edited by Maria Delgado and Paul Heritage, £14.99 (paperback, 1996) ISBN 9780719047633