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Working with Interpreters in Mental Health

by Rachel Tribe & Hitesh Raval (editors) - £29.99  Routledge (2002)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780415188791 | ISBN 10: 0415188792

Why are interpreters an important part of modern healthcare provision? In today's society there is an increasing need for mental health professionals to work with interpreters, yet coverage of this subject in the existing literature is scarce. This book gives an insight into the issues and challenges facing professionals working with interpreters.
Informed by theoretical, research and practice considerations, Working with Interpreters in Mental Health helps practitioners to develop better ways of helping service users who need an interpreter. Combining contributions from a number of different disciplines, this book discusses: interpreters in medical consultations; issues of language provision in healthcare services; the application of theoretical frameworks to the work with interpreters; the work of interpreters in a variety of practical settings.
Whilst the focus is placed within a mental health context, many of the issues raised apply equally to other contexts where interpreters are needed. This book will be invaluable for practitioners of psychology, psychiatry, nursing, social work and allied health care professionals.

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