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Grumpy Old Women: The Official Handbook

by Judith Holder - £7.99  Ebury Press (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780563493884 | ISBN 10: 0563493887

Ok, enough is enough. Those Grumpy Old Men have had their turn at complaining and now the Grumpy Old Women are taking over. It's high time the world knew what struggles and trials they have to go through.
Not only do they multi-task in double figures every day, they have to learn to cope with their changing bodies (it's just not possible to wear kitten heels and sexy clothes without looking like a bad transvestite), and all those domestic goddesses don't help - acting like bossy form captains and making lesser women feel inadequate. And on top of all that, a lot of them have their very own Grumpy Old Man to deal with.
Sandwiched between the spoilt, lazy youth of today and the next generation up (which they loathe because, of course, they are fast heading that way themselves), these women are, well, properly fed up. But they are also experienced, wise and serene, and it's about time their tirade against the world and their pearls of wisdom about coping with life's problems were heard by one and all. Especially as these women are really rather funny as well. As Sheila Hancock says, 'Who wants to be dreary old Snow White doing the housework when you can get all the laughs as Grumpy?
And laugh you will. Written with wit, style and sympathy, this book is sure to be a source of amusement and comfort to women everywhere - grumpy or otherwise.

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