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Genetically Modified Food: A Short Guide for the Confused

by Andy Rees - £19.99  Pluto Press (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780745324395 | ISBN 10: 0745324398

Where does the food on your plate really come from? Andy Rees exposes how our food has been hijacked by the biotech industry - and who's paying the price...
Is the food on our shelves free of genetically engineered ingredients? Although they may not know it, most Americans already eat genetically modified food. Major corporations have met resistance in Europe, but their worldwide influence is huge - and grows all the time.
Are genetically modified crops dangerous to the environment - and to our bodies? Andy Rees provides the answers.

"Lies and spin are dissected and then pulverized in this copiously documented expose. Rees unmasks the biotech industry's horrific tactics in their race to take over our food supply and the devastation that their GM crops will inflict if we don't act quickly."
(Jeffrey M. Smith, best-selling author of 'Seeds of Deception')

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