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The Spokesman 83: From Tom Paine to Guantanamo

by Ken Coates (editor) - £5.00  Spokesman Books (2004)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780851247021 | ISBN 10: 0851247024

Robert Fisk:Iraq Implodes
Michael Moore: Living With Fahrenheit 9/11
Bertrand Russell: Thomas Paine 1739-1809
Kurt Vonnegut: Skull & Bones
Inge Genefke & Ben Sorensen: Torture is a Crime
Ken Coates: Another World Is Possible: The European Social Forum Comes to London
World Social Forum: Charter of Principles
Robin Blackburn: The Europe We Need
Andre Brie: The Social State in Europe: Eight Theses
Michael Barratt Brown: Empire in Africa

Peace Dossier No.12: Statements from released Guantanamo detainees; Boston Social Forum; World Tribunal on Iraq; Israel's Wall found 'illegal'; relief in Afghanistan; Hiroshima peace declaration.

Plus book reviews

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