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Wales for Beginners

by Jeff Fallow - £7.99  Writers and Readers Ltd (1999)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780863162848 | ISBN 10: 0863162843

The Romans fought them. The Normans did, too. English kings dotted the country with massive castles to awe the people - and made their eldest sons Princes of the land. Henry VIII (and he was part Welsh) did his bloated royal best to destroy Wales as a nation.
But Wales and its language - the oldest in the British Isles - survived the invasions, foreign garrisons and harsh laws. They even survived heavy-handed Saxon jokes about people going out for a leak.
Some parts prospered when mining and manufacturing developed; others continued the old farming traditions. Their strong sense of national identity, radical traditions in religion and politics, and involvement in the developing socialist and trades union movements kept the Welsh united.
Now, at the Millenium, a Welsh Assembly has been created. Wales has the chance to shape its destiny untroubled by the spectre of an English army lurking on the border, ready to suppress any sign of independence.
This street-smart graphic novel shows you how Wales' national and social histories intertwine.

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