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Can't Touch My Soul: A Guide for Lesbian Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

by Donna Rafanello - £12.99  Alyson Publications Inc (2004)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781555837761 | ISBN 10: 155583776x

The first book of its kind, Can't Touch My Soul offers lesbian survivors of child sexual abuse a variety of strategies for recovery and beyond.
In this empowering guide, child and family counsellor Donna Rafanello presents the voices of more than 60 survivors. These courageous women describe their efforts to trust again, love their bodies, deal with issues specific to lesbian survivors of child sex abuse, and find intimacy while struggling with the long-term effects of abuse. Their inspiring stories offer a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of community.
Rafanello also guides women through the early stages of remembering abuse, understanding natural coping mechanisms, finding support, overcoming shame, developing intimate relationships, and relating to families of origin. This comprehensive guide also includes:
* Information on post-traumatic stress disorder and healing therapies,
* Detailed examinations of the mind-body connection in regard to child sexual abuse,
* Sections on issues specific to lesbian parents,
* Exhaustive appendices and resource lists for survivors and those who help them, including hard-to-find specific information for lesbian survivors.
Remember, there are others who share your pain. There is help. There is hope.

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