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Chanting Down Babylon: The Rastafari Reader

by Nathaniel Samuel Murrell et al - £26.99  Temple University Press (1998)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781566395847 | ISBN 10: 1566395844

This anthology explores Rastafari religion, culture & politics in Jamaica and other parts of the African diaspora. An Afro-Caribbean religious & cultural movement that sprang from the mean streets of Kingston, Jamaica, in the 1930s, today Rastafari has close to one million adherents. The basic message - the dismantling of all oppressive institutions and the liberation of humankind - strongly appeals even to non-believers who are captivated by reggae music, the lyrics and the 'immortal spirit' of its enormously popular practitioner, Bob Marley. Probing into this still-evolving belief system, its political goals and cultural expression, the contributors to this volume emphasise the importance of Africana history and the Caribbean context. It brings together scholarly commentary, a long-hidden founding document of the movement, and the voices of leading Rastas who explain and critique the beliefs and practices associated with Rastafari. Also included are a glossary, an annotated bibliography, and an interview with the pioneering scholar of Rastafari, Leonard Barrett.

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In booklists: Spirituality Throughout History, Rastafarianism,
In categories: History & Biography, Spirituality, World - Latin America & Caribbean, Black, Asian & Other Diasporas,

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