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Childhood in Crisis

by Phil Scraton & contributors - £34.99  Routledge (1997)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781857287899 | ISBN 10: 1857287894

Throughout the 1990's widely-proclaimed assumptions about the demise of childhood, the ill-discipline of children and the lawlessness of youth have dominated popular discourses and political reaction. Widespread condemnation of the erosion of family life and the decline of school standards as the central institutions of children's socialisation, has fuelled adult indignation and claims of a 'lost generation' of young poeple. Inevitably, these agressive and highly-charged debates have not been without consequences. With little reference to history, the assumption has been that the 'crisis' is unique, demanding immediate and strong intervention. In keeping with a broader agenda of social authoritarianism, it has resulted in a broad range of legislative and policy reform directed towards its resolution. What follows is a critical examination of the dynamics behind the political debate and its consequences for policy. Chapter One. 'Childhood'An Introduction to Historical and Theoretical Analysis. Chapter Two. 'Crisis': The Demonization of Children and Young People. Chapter Three. 'Families' in 'Crisis'. Chapter Four. Prolonging 'Childhood', Manufacturing 'Innocence' and Regulating Sexuality. Chapter Five. 'Crisis' in the Classroom. Chapter Six. Children in Trouble: State Responses to Juvenille Crime. Chapter Seven. 'Mad', 'Bad' or Misunderstood? Chapter Eight. Whose 'Childhood'? What 'Crisis'?

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