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A Life Stripped Bare: Tiptoeing Through the Ethical Minefield

by Leo Hickman - £9.99  Transworld Publishers (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781903919613 | ISBN 10: 1903919614

Over the course of a year Leo Hickman conducts an unusual experiment... Is it possible, in the 21st century, to lead a 'normal' life - to have a job, kids, a mortgage, holidays in the sun - but at the same time be respectful to the planet and the people who share it? Could Leo live a more 'ethical' existence? Or is a 'Good Life' the preserve of fanatical eco-warriors, new-age spiritualists and the organic-product-endorsing Hollywood set?
To find out he invites three 'ethical auditors' into his home. As they explore the murkier recesses of his life - his bathroom, fridge, holiday plans, shady DIY habits - he discovers that ethical living involves a lot more than changing his brand of washing-up liquid.
This is the record of an extraordinary transformation. Both funny and inspirational, it is a mine of information for all of us with a conscience. Who knows, it migh change your life, too.
Leo Hickman has also written: A Good Life: the Guide to Ethical Living

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