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Bonjour Blanc: A Journey Through Haiti

by Ian Thomson - £12.99  Vintage (2004)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780099452157 | ISBN 10: 0099452154

Haiti: one thinks of voodoo, Papa Doc, political violence and desperate poverty. In Bonjour Blanc, Thompson explores all of the dread demons and eccentricities of this unhappy republic. He is initiated into the feared Bizzango religion, an African animist cult whose associates venerate a coffin and human skulls; he talks to zombies, the walking dead.
Part history, part personal travelogue, Thomson introduces is to a lively gallery of eccentrics; a Russian Cossack, a Swiss chess champion who studied Einstein and an ancient voodoo priest. Yet Haiti is also noted for its history as a retreat for writers, Anthony Trollope, Ian Flemming, Alexandre Dumas, Graham Greene and Eugene O'Neill - and Thomson wonderfully explores their Haitian adventures.

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