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In the Sea There are Crocodiles

by Fabio Geda - £8.99  Vintage (2012)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780099555452 | ISBN 10: 009955545x

A bestseller in Italy, a beautiful, heartbreaking novel based on the true story of an Afghan boyís journey in search of safety.

Recommended by PEN

One night before putting him to bed, Enaiatollahís mother tells him three things: donít use drugs, donít use weapons, donít steal. The next day he wakes up to find she isnít there. They have fled their village in Ghazni to seek safety outside Afghanistan but his mother has decided to return home to her younger children. Ten-year-old Enaiatollah is left alone in Pakistan to fend for himself.

In a book based on a true story, Italian novelist Fabio Geda describes Enaiatollahís remarkable five-year journey from Afghanistan to Italy where he finally managed to claim political asylum. His ordeal took him through Iran, Turkey and Greece, working on building sites in order to pay people-traffickers, and enduring the physical misery of border crossings squeezed into the false bottoms of lorries or trekking across inhospitable mountains. A series of almost implausible strokes of fortune enabled him to get to Turin, where he found help from an Italian family and met Fabio Geda.

The result of their friendship is this unique book in which Enaiatollahís engaging, moving voice is brilliantly captured by Gedaís subtle storytelling. In Gedaís hands, Enaiatollahís journey becomes a universal story of stoicism in the face of fear, and the search for a place where life is liveable.

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