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Native American History for Dummies

by Dorothy Lippert and Stephen J. Spignesi - £13.99  John Wiley and Sons Ltd (2007)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780470148419 | ISBN 10: 0470148411

Call them Native Americans, American Indians, indigenous peoples, or first nations — a vast and diverse array of nations, tribes, and cultures populated every corner of North America long before Columbus arrived. Native American History For Dummies reveals what is known about their pre-Columbian history and shows how their presence, customs, and beliefs influenced everything that was to follow.
This straightforward guide breaks down their ten-thousand-plus year history and explores their influence on European settlement of the continent. You'll gain fresh insight into the major tribal nations, their cultures and traditions, warfare and famous battles; and the lives of such icons as Pocahontas, Sitting Bull and Sacagawea. You'll discover:
•How and when the Native American's ancestors reached the continent
•How tribes formed and where they migrated
•What North America was like before 1492
•How Native peoples maximized their environment
•Pre-Columbian farmers, fishermen, hunters, and traders
•The impact of Spain and France on the New World
•Great Warriors from Tecumseh to Geronimo
•How Native American cultures differed across the continent
•Native American religions and religious practices
•The stunning impact of disease on American Indian populations
•Modern movements to reclaim Native identity
•Great museums, books, and films about Native Americans
Packed with fascinating facts about functional and ceremonial clothing, homes and shelters, boatbuilding, hunting, agriculture, mythology, intertribal relations, and more, Native American History For Dummies provides a dazzling and informative introduction to North America's first inhabitants.

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