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Macrobiotics For Dummies

by Verne Varona - £14.99  John Wiley Publishers (2009)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780470401385 | ISBN 10: 0470401389

The definitive guide to incorporating a macrobiotic diet into your daily life.
Do you want to make the most of macrobiotics? This practical guide uses a body, mind, and spirit approach to introduce you to the basics of this popular diet. You'll see how to use macrobiotic principles to enhance your health and happiness; prepare the right foods to increase your energy and fight off disease; and make lifestyle changes to support your new way of eating.
Begin on the path to healthy living understand the science behind macrobiotics and how to apply the principles to your daily life
Heal the macrobiotic way discover the foods and nutrients that influence good health and heal common diseases
Plan for successful, non-stressful change create a macro-friendly kitchen, shop smart, and introduce new foods to the family diet
Make marvelous macrobiotic meals prepare delicious, easy-to-follow recipes from breakfast to dessert and plan your weekly menu
Take it on the road make healthy restaurant choices
Round out your macrobiotic lifestyle get tips for exercise, creating a more nourishing environment, and developing a self-healing personality.

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