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Star of the Morning

by Pamela Jooste - £6.99  Transworld Publishers (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780552773607 | ISBN 10: 0552773603

We were coloured girls in a white world that didnít want us.

Born on the wrong side of the racial divide in apartheid-torn Cape Town, young sisters Ruby and Rose exist in a world where they are not welcome. As part of the Cape Coloured community they are considered socially inferior, yet even within their own social group the sisters live down the poor end of town.
When they are orphaned, their fate falls into the hands of Aunt Olive, but Ruby knows without being told that their auntís home will not be opened up to them. Except for the monthly invitation to Sunday lunch, charity does not extend to the poor relations who would cast a smudge on such a respectable house.

In the local orphanage the girls grow up sheltered from a divided world that they do not yet fully understand, but the day approaches when Ruby and Rose must forge their own paths in life and confront the lessons that apartheid enforces.

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