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Stolen Time

by Vangelis Hatziyannidis - £7.99  Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd (2007)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780714531267 | ISBN 10: 071453126x

Translated from the Greek by Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife.
The second novel from the author of Four Walls, again stems from the author’s fascination with the way people act when confined or imprisoned in some way.
A young and poverty-stricken student agrees to spend two weeks in a remote hotel with a group of strangers for the equivalent of five month’s rent.
He is interviewed about his beliefs and his past by members of the group, who occasionally mock him but never resort to violence. The discovery of a list of names and dates written on a wardrobe drawer in his room makes the young man curious about previous ‘guests’ of the group. His unease increases when he finds a concealed room and its alarming contents.
It is only years later that he is able to look back on what took place in the hotel and begin to piece all the parts of the puzzle together...

..."delightfully blends the serious...themes of imprisonment and solitude with humour, humility, horribly violent deaths, coincidences and miracles - all of which add up to a witty fable, satisfyingly replete with the essential ingredients of magical realism"
(The Guardian)

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