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Conscientious Objection: Bertrand Russell and the Pacifists in the First World War

by Jo Vellacott - £14.99  Spokesman Books (2015)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780851248424 | ISBN 10: 085124842x

"Jo Vellacottís excellent book is a model of careful scholarship, clear and lively writing, and the choice of a subject that matters deeply. One hundred years on, itís high time we honored those who had the courage to speak out against the madness of the First World War and who suffered for doing so. Itís a delight to see this volume available again."
(Adam Hochschild, author of the bestseller, 'To End All Wars')
"...Vellacottís sympathy for the man and for pacifism has not led her to exaggerate the importance of his wartime activities. Nor does she fail to see that these years did not begin or end Russellís emotional and intellectual growth. Yet, for him, the Great War was a watershed; he emerged from it changed in both head and heart. Vellacott demonstrates that Russellís involvement with the pacifists was essential to that metamorphosis."
(Steven E. Werner, The American Historical Review)

(Price & availability last checked: January 2015)

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